Faulting “Previously Unrecognized” Observed in Hollywood Near Development Sites

PatrickHealy2Patrick Healy with Channel 4 broke this news that more evidence is being gathered showing that there are indeed fault lines coursing near the Millennium project site as well as neighboring project areas. New LADBS City geologist Pascal Challita has confirmed the existence of earthquake faults on the east side of Argyle Avenue that project towards the Second Street Ventures and the adjacent Millennium project sites.… Read the rest

Hollywood Faultline Location Made Public – Information is Power

For up to date news on the release of the fault maps, click on “In the Press” and “Audio Visual”. Information is power.

Graphics of Millennium site showing earthquake faults and required setbacks as mapped in January 8, 2014 California Geologic Survey Fault Map.


Graphics of Millennium site showing earthquake faults and required setbacks as mapped in January 8, 2014 California Geologic Survey Fault Map.Read the rest

It Ain’t Over ’til it’s Over’


LA City Planning Director Michael LoGrande made it clear in a December 20, 2013 memo that the City has not abandoned its commitment to the flawed Transit Oriented Development planning theory that has given rise to Phil Aarons’ Millennium Project and other similar projects in Hollywood.

Therein, he reiterates “the Department remains committed to the important principles of the Hollywood Community Plan,” including “new growth around transit”, the foundation of all the massive buildings with inadequate parking concentrated in the most traffic congested parts of Hollywood.… Read the rest

Millennium Reneges on Promise to Test for Hollywood Fault

LiarLiarPantsOnFireDespite repeated promises to multiple media outlets to test for the Hollywood earthquake fault running directly under the Millennium Project site, Millennium developer Phil Aarons, would rather fight than let the truth be exposed.

On August 28, 2013, the L.A. Times reported:

“Aarons said he did not believe a fault was underneath the site of the towers, ‘but we’re going to examine and do further testing just to make sure that everybody sees it exactly the same way as we do — most importantly, the city.’… Read the rest



Opponents Call for Neutral Panel of Experts to Study Quake Risks


Opponents of the Millennium Hollywood project today released secret emails that show the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (DBS) and the Millennium developer acknowledged behind closed doors that the Hollywood Earthquake Fault potentially crossed the property and that the State of California had officially mapped the active fault on or near the Millennium property.… Read the rest

Contact your legislators – California State government must use its authority to stop Millennium

letter-writingThe two most important issues surrounding the Millennium Project are the danger from building over an active earthquake fault and the inadequacy of the traffic study to realistically evaluate the traffic impacts from all of the development that is being proposed in Hollywood. So far, the City Council has been closing their eyes to the full consequences of both these issues while riding a money-fueled juggernaut to approval of the project.… Read the rest

Englander Comments on Geology!


Sometime in the recent historic experience of Councilmember Englander, he must have visited a previous lifetime as a crack geologist. In the face of all the geological studies, he declared his absence of rational judgement before a hall full of community leaders.

After hearing our presentation of the damning evidence from the US Geological Survey, California Geological Survey and the two peer-reviewed geological studies showing that the southern strand of the Hollywood Fault is directly under the Millennium Project site, Councilman Englander had this to say:

“Regardless of the underlying geological and soil conditions, in fact, these faults and thresholds whether active or inactive in fact pose a significant risk to the entire city of Los Angeles.”… Read the rest