Millennium’s Crooked Project

Dear Friends and Supporters:

Please see this fascinating article from San Francisco about Millennium Partners’ ongoing leaning and sinking tower disaster.

It seems the news for Millennium Partners is getting worse.

Yet this is the same developer that LA City Councilmembers Jose Huizar and Mitch Englander, when on the City Council’s Planning & Land Use Management Committee, enthusiastically embraced.

Why?  And why did the Dept. of Building & Safety brush off the State’s dire earthquake fault warnings about the Millennium Hollywood site?

This headline appeared in the June 3, 2022 Los Angeles Times, but it’s old news to us:

“L.A. has a corruption problem.“

LA Times, please tell us something new, like what happened to last year’s earthquake fault trenching and soil dating results at the Millennium Hollywood site?

If there were good news for Millennium Partners about that, LA City Hall and Millennium would have plastered it on illegal billboards from here to San Francisco . . . .


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