What are Mitch O’Farrell and Hugo Soto-Martinez’s positions on Millennium Hollywood Center?

With Councilman Mitch O’Farrell in a political race for his life against challenger Hugo Soto-Martinez, we reached out to both for a position statement on the Millennium Hollywood (aka Hollywood Center) skyscrapers on the earthquake fault project.

Only Mr. Soto-Martinez responded. Councilman O’Farrell ignored our requests.



Hugo Soto-Martinez: “There are many problems with the project, including the fact that multiple judges deemed it illegal. Despite this, my opponent steamrolled through, instead of listening to the science. On our campaign, we’re all about collaborating with the community, not opposing them. If we were on Council, this process would look very different.”





Mitch O’Farrell: Crickets.

We reached out to O’Farrell and his campaign more than once. We sent our request to various email addresses. We are disappointed that O’Farrell did not respond to his constituents about one of the most dangerous proposals (which has never been withdrawn or rejected) facing our community.


Here was our request (slightly abbreviated for this post) to O’Farrell and Soto-Martinez:

Stopthemillenniumhollywood.com requests your formal position statement on the proposed Hollywood Center project (formerly called the Millennium Hollywood project).

For 10 years we have stopped this dangerous project through tremendous community support, through a successful trial, and through a successful defense of our trial ruling before the Court of Appeal.

The project has garnered local, national and international attention, including because the California Geological Survey and United States Geological Survey found that the 7.0 magnitude active Hollywood Earthquake Fault runs beneath the planned skyscrapers on the site, just north of Hollywood & Vine.

Please provide your detailed position about the Hollywood Center project and your concerns about the proposal, if any. Please also include your specific position on the warnings and data published by the California Geological Survey and the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Hollywood Center project applications have not been withdrawn or rejected.

*** O’Farrell ‘s office just called into the Oct. 27, 2022 City Planning Commission meeting to support another Hollywood project by developer Millennium Partners, and to oppose a community member’s appeal (starting at page 60).



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