Hollywood Center: PUBLIC HEARING #1 – REMINDER


We want to remind everyone of the first public hearing for Millennium’s Hollywood Center Project being held tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26, 2020 at 9:30am.

In a manner that further prejudices the public, even though City Planner Mindy Nguyen stated that the city will have video conferencing capability as early as next month, the Department of City Planning is holding this hearing entirely by telephone.  No video.  Participants can join in using the ZOOM app or by calling the phone number:  (213) 338-8477 and entering the meeting ID: 924 8586 5202 #.



The City will take comments on the project’s environmental and land use issues.  Some of the many issues of concern are:

    • Evidence of ACTIVE Earthquake Faults exists.  The Hollywood Center Project site is riddled with earthquake faults.  It is illegal and dangerous to build on this site. Therefore, no subdivision approvals can or should be granted.
    • Two of the three City Council PLUM committee members who approved the original version of this project have been indicted by the FBI
    • Millennium’s traffic studies downplay severe impacts to the area and the 101 freeway
    • Traffic and construction will negatively impact emergency response times for fire, paramedics and police
    • Construction for 5+ years will negatively affect air quality with the number of construction vehicles spewing exhaust, dust particles produced during construction, and commuters idling due to halted traffic
    • Millennium should not be allowed to dwarf the historic Capitol Records building with skyscrapers that will overshadow all of its surroundings and permanently impair the skyline, historic resources and aesthetics


Note that the FINAL EIR has NOT YET BEEN PUBLISHED, and in another illegal move, the City is proceeding with this hearing anyway


This “let them eat cake” approach is consistent with the City’s refusal to extend the public comment period during a pandemic.  The developer’s interests are elevated over the rights of the public that our officials were elected to represent.


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