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October 13, 2021: Los Angeles City Councilmember Mark Ridley-Thomas indicted on federal bribery charges

September 9, 2021: Favors aren’t bribes, say ex-LA councilman’s attorneys

August 31, 2021: Leaning Millennium Tower in San Francisco sinking faster, retrofit halted

April 21, 2021: LA Times: A lurking earthquake fault has blocked Hollywood’s tallest building. Will it ever rise?

April 21, 2021: LA Times: The Hollywood fault is an invisible earthquake danger running under the heart of L.A.

January 25, 2021:  LA Times: Englander sentenced to 14 months in prison in L.A. City Hall corruption case

January 25, 2021:  LA Daily News: Ex-LA Councilman Mitch Englander sentenced to 14 months in federal prison, $15,000 fine

December 14, 2020:  CityWatchLA: (Updated) Garcetti Ignored Corruption for Years. Former LA Building & Safety Head, Finally Charged

November 30, 2020:  The Eastsider LA: Former L.A. Deputy Mayor Raymond Chan added as defendant in Huizar corruption case

November 30, 2020:  U.S. Dept of Justice: New Indictment in RICO Case Against Former L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar Adds 5 Defendants, Including a Former Deputy Mayor  ***click here to view the Indictment***

October 26, 2020: Temblor: Ridgecrest quake shook tall LA buildings up to 4 times more than expected

August 7, 2020:  LA Times: L.A. could cancel real estate projects tied to City Hall corruption

August 4, 2020:  AHF Sues Los Angeles to Stop Luxury Developments Tied to Huizar Corruption

July 30, 2020:   CityWatchLA:  Why Won’t the Millennium Project Die, And What Does It Mean?

July 30, 2020:   LA Times: Feds add bribery, money laundering charges against Huizar

July 27, 2020:   LA Times: Developers allegedly bribed an L.A. councilman. What happens to their building plans?

July 24, 2020:   The Architects Newspaper: Handel Architects’ Hollywood Center could be endangered by seismic faults

July 23, 2020:   The Patch: Earthquake Fault Runs Under Hollywood Skyscrapers Project: State

July 22, 2020:  KTLA’s coverage of STMH’s attorney Robert Silverstein’s press conference held at the Millennium site


July 22, 2020:   KTLA’s video coverage of STMH’s attorney Robert P. Silverstein speaking at the press conference

July 22, 2020:   KTLA: Quake fault runs along site of planned Hollywood skyscrapers

July 22, 2020:   Los Angeles Daily News: Hollywood earthquake faults make proposed skyscrapers unsafe, says opposition group

July 22, 2020:   LA Times: Strong evidence quake faults run through site of Hollywood skyscrapers, state says

July 3, 2020:     LA Times: Former L.A. building official alleges he was ousted after blowing whistle on fraud

May 29, 2020:  LA Times:  Chinese billionaire helped L.A. councilman settle sexual harassment suit, feds say

May 28, 2020:  CityWatchLA:  Millennium Hollywood: Poster Child for Pay-to-Play Corruption

May 20, 2020:  LA Times:  Here’s a closer look at the ex-deputy mayor enmeshed in City Hall corruption probe

May 15, 2020:  LA Times:  L.A. Councilman Huizar, embroiled in FBI probe, faces calls from colleagues to step down

May 15, 2020:  LA Times:  Just How Dirty is L.A. City Hall?

Apr 23, 2020:   Despite Corruption Charges, LA Officials are Cutting Corners for Skyscrapers on Earthquake Fault

Mar 27, 2020:   LAist:  Former LA City Councilman Mitch Englander Agrees to Plead Guilty To One Count in Corruption Scandal


September 9, 2019:   JD Supra: Court of Appeal Stops Millennium Hollywood from Moving Forward Based Upon Indefinite Project Description

August 29, 2019:   The Guardian:  Settlement reached over San Francisco’s notorious sinking luxury tower


December 9, 2018:   Business Insider: A 58-story luxury condo skyscraper in San Francisco is tilting and sinking — here’s everything that’s gone wrong in the past decade

November 15, 2018:  2PreserveLA:  Special Report: FBI Investigation and Pay-to-Play at Los Angeles City Hall

August 5, 2018:  60 Minutes on CBS News:  San Francisco’s Leaning Tower of Lawsuits

June 17, 2018:  NY Times:  A Seismic Change in Predicting How Earthquakes Will Shake Tall Buildings

June 7, 2018:   2preservela: Oppose Millennium Hollywood, the Earthquake-Prone Twin Skyscrapers Renamed “Hollywood Center”


August 29, 2017:  LA Times: Furor over a fee increase; Planning Department appeals are $89 to file. Some officials suggest a new price: $13,538

April 25, 2017:  Boston Business Journal: Millennium Partners, city officials say shadow issue was a surprise in Winthrop Square tower


August 22, 2016:  CityWatchLA:  Will LA End Up With Two Sinking, Tilting Luxury Housing Skyscrapers from Millennium Developer?

October 24, 2016:  South China Morning Post:  The leaning tower of San Francisco: tilting, sinking high-rise raises alarm

October 24, 2016:  Building Design & Construction:  That sinking feeling: Millennium Tower is beginning to worry residents with its sinking, leaning

July 28, 2016:  Curbed Los Angeles:  LA’s 101 Freeway Is America’s ‘Highway from Hell’


November 17, 2015:  Variety: Show Business is Returning to a Glitzier, Taller Hollywood

July 17, 2015:  89.3 KPCC: LA Developers in Quake Prone Areas Must Now Look for Faults First

July 8, 2015:  LA Times: Project’s foes won’t drop fight; The Millennium Hollywood project’s approval by L.A. doesn’t sway those who still see fault risk.

July 7, 2015:  LA Times: Hollywood skyscraper critics question quake risk for project

May 26, 2015:  Wall Street Journal:  Developers Worry California Ruling Could Dent Building

April 30, 2015:  LAWeekly: Judge Throws Out Hollywood Millennium Skyscraper Project

April 30, 2015:  LA Times: Judge Halts Millennium Skyscraper Project

April 30, 2015:  KCBS: Millennium is told “no way” by judge

April 30, 2015:  KTLA: Judge says NO to Millennium

February 3, 2015:  LA Weekly: Millennium Skyscraper Team is Ready to Fight Jerry Brown’s Top Geologist Over Hollywood Fault

January 14, 2015:  Bloomberg:  Hollywood Deals Stop as David Fights Goliath: Real Estate


December 11, 2014:  Attorney Robert Silverstein speaks at the Hillside Federation’s Annual Event

November 14, 2014:  CityWatchLA: Did Mitch O’Farrell Just Smear Anti-Millennium Hollywood Activists

November 13, 2014:  Park LaBrea News/Beverly Press:  State’s Map Shows Active Fault Under Millennium

November 8, 2014:  LA Times:  Sierra Madre Fault Map Brings New Restrictions

November 7, 2014:  Business Insider: California Says A $665 Million Hollywood Development Sits Atop A Major Faultline

November 7, 2014:  KABC Talk Radio interview with attorney Robert Silverstein

November 7, 2014:  State Map Puts Quake Fault Beneath Proposed Millennium Hollywood Skyscraper

November 6, 2014:  Los Angeles Magazine:  The Fault in Our Skyscrapers

November 6, 2014:  LA Times: California geologist says quake fault lies beneath Hollywood project

November 6, 2014:  The Hollywood Reporter: Millennium Hollywood Project Is on Active Quake Fault, State Geologist Says

November 6, 2014:  L.A.Weekly: State Says Active Hollywood Quake Fault Runs Under Millennium and Other Choice Land: Map

November 6, 2014:  Yahoo News: Planned Hollywood high-rise would sit atop earthquake fault, state says

November 6, 2014:  LA Times – Massive Hollywood project sits atop quake fault, California says

November 6, 2014:  KABC 7 EyeWitness News

November 6, 2014:  KCRW: Interview with attorney Robert Silverstein

November 6, 2014:  KPCC 89.3: Interview with State Geologist John Parrish re Active fault under site of proposed Hollywood skyscrapers

September 1, 2014:  New York Times: Infrastructure Cracks as Los Angeles Defers Repairs

May 20, 2014:  LA Times: New seismic testing underway at Millennium Hollywood site

May 17, 2014:  LA Times: City Geologist Calls for More Seismic Testing at Hollywood Site

May 17, 2014:  KNX 1070 News Radio: Attorney Robert Silverstein excerpt

May 6, 2014:  LA Times: Fly Over the Hollywood Fault Zone

April 23, 2014:  KABC’s Doug McIntyre Interviews Robert Silverstein

March 13, 2014:  LA Times: Developer wants changes to Hollywood fault quake map

February 8, 2014:  KTTV FOX 11: 3.0 magnitude quake rattles nerves in Hollywood

January 17, 2014:  The Atlantic: The Northridge Earthquake: 20 Years Ago Today

January 9, 2014:  Huffington Post: Planned Hollywood high-rise would sit atop earthquake fault, state says

January 9, 2014:  Hollywood Patch: State Geologist Says Millennium Hollywood Project Sits Atop Fault Line

January 8, 2014:  CBS Los Angeles: Preliminary Map Shows Fault Zone Runs Under Proposed Hollywood Development

January 8, 2014:  Hollywood Reporter: Survey Confirms Earthquake Fault Line Runs Through Planned Millennium Hollywood Project

January 8, 2014:  LA Observed: Quakes New state maps put Hollywood buildings on faults

January 8, 2014:  The Wall Street Journal: Fault Maps Could Alter L.A. Development

January 8, 2014:  KTLA 5: Geologists Release New L.A. Earthquake Fault Map

January 8, 2014:  ABC 7 Eyewitness News: Hollywood earthquake fault threatens Millennium Project

January 8, 2014:  KPCC 89.3: State geologists release map of Hollywood Fault (Update)

January 8, 2014:  The Front Page Online: Earthquake at City Hall – Foes of Millenium Project Prevail


November 22, 2013:  KPCC 89.3, Take Two: Did city officials overlook earthquake fault in Hollywood?

November 22, 2013:  Los Angeles Business Journal: Quake Fault Overlooked on Hollywood Project

October 16, 2013:  The Architects Newspaper:  Q & A with State Geologist John Parish on Millennium Hollywood

October 2, 2013:  ENR: Suit Against Los Angeles Triggers Debate Over Building on Hollywood Fault

September 20, 2013:  John Schwada Interviews Raymond Chan

September 20, 2013:  The Wall Street Journal: Fault Line Splits Hollywood

September 20, 2013:  KCAL 9 News Coverage 8:35pm

September 20, 2013:  KTLA News Coverage 6:15pm

September 20, 2013:  KCBS News Coverage 6:15pm

September 20, 2013:  KCBS News Coverage 5:30pm

September 20, 2013:  KCAL 9 News Coverage 4:05pm

September 20, 2013:  LA Weekly: How the Hollywood Fault Made Millennium’s Future Uncertain, and L.A. a Laughingstock

September 19, 2013:  KABC 7 News Coverage 11:30am

August 28, 2013:  KTLA News Coverage

August 15, 2013:  LA Times: Tower project exposes gaps in L.A.’s oversight; Community activists, not city planners, take the lead in bringing Hollywood fault concerns to light

August 9, 2013:  LA Times: Hollywood’s Blvd6200 project escaped review despite fault threat

August 7, 2013:  CBS Morning News, National Coverage: “Earthquake fears may put Hollywood skyscraper project on shaky ground”

August 7, 2013:  CBS Global/KCAL 9: Opponents Of ‘Millennium Hollywood’ Project Accuse Developers Of Cover-Up, Threaten Lawsuit

August 7, 2013:  KPCC 89.3: Millennium Towers: City ‘concealed’ Hollywood fault details, opponents charge

August 7, 2013:  LA Times: Earthquake fault risk to Hollywood skyscrapers hidden, foes say

August 2, 2013:  LA Times: Garcetti defers to seismic experts on Hollywood skyscrapers

August 2, 2013:  KTTV Fox 11 News: Earthquake Fault Lines coverage

August 2, 2013:  Larry Elder Radio Show: Interview with State Geologist John Parrish

August 1, 2013:  LA Times:  Skyscraper site in Hollywood may sit on Active Fault, State says

July 31, 2013:  Larry Elder Radio Show: Interview with attorney Robert Silverstein

July 26, 2013:  LA Times:  Millennium Hollywood: First Check the Fault

July 25, 2013:  Larry Elder Radio Show: Interview with attorney Robert Silverstein

July 25, 2013:  Newsmax: Skyscrapers Planned Over Fault Line in Hollywood Draw Ire

July 24, 2013:  LA City Council public hearing – The people say “NO” to Millennium Hollywood Project – Attorney Robert Silverstein addresses the City Council

July 24, 2013:  LA Times:  Council Oks Skyscrapers Despite Concerns Over Quake Fault Line

July 22, 2013:  CBS Global / KCAL 9: Environmental Attorney Warns Of ‘Millennium Project’ Quake Risk

July 19, 2013:  CityWatchLA: The Millennium Manhattanization of Hollywood

June 27, 2013:  CityWatchLA: Hollywood Residents Get the Millennium Shaft

June 19, 2013: LA Times:  Caltrans waves red flag on Millennium Hollywood project


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