“Key Records Missing From San Francisco Millennium Project”

“I want to see that information, I want our experts to see that information, they need to produce that information” says San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin in this recent NBC story.

Millennium’s engineer said there was no requirement to submit construction logs to the building department.

Thickening the plot, San Francisco’s Engineering Review Panel requested specific logs months ago.  They were told the data was “not recorded”.

Back when the San Francisco Millennium Tower began sinking, construction logs pointed to problems which the “missing” logs could help explain.  Interesting how those are the same logs that haven’t been produced!

LA city officials should see the leaning Millennium Tower saga in SF as a dire warning because it provides example after example of the developers you DON’T want coming to your city.   But here in the city of Los Angeles, our elected officials roll out the red carpet for them.


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