Contact your legislators – California State government must use its authority to stop Millennium

letter-writingThe two most important issues surrounding the Millennium Project are the danger from building over an active earthquake fault and the inadequacy of the traffic study to realistically evaluate the traffic impacts from all of the development that is being proposed in Hollywood. So far, the City Council has been closing their eyes to the full consequences of both these issues while riding a money-fueled juggernaut to approval of the project.

Read the two letters below to see why State intervention is essential to bring sanity to the process.

Letter to Building & Safety

Letter to Caltrans

Please contact the offices of Assemblymembers Mike Gatto and Richard Bloom, State Senator Carol Liu and State Senator Kevin de Leon to let them know that they must act to protect Californians’ interest in a functioning State Highway System and the integrity of the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act.

Assemblymember Mike Gatto District 43:

Senator Carol Liu:

State Senator Kevn de Leon:

Assemblymember Richard Bloom District 50:








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