Englander Comments on Geology!


Sometime in the recent historic experience of Councilmember Englander, he must have visited a previous lifetime as a crack geologist. In the face of all the geological studies, he declared his absence of rational judgement before a hall full of community leaders.

After hearing our presentation of the damning evidence from the US Geological Survey, California Geological Survey and the two peer-reviewed geological studies showing that the southern strand of the Hollywood Fault is directly under the Millennium Project site, Councilman Englander had this to say:

“Regardless of the underlying geological and soil conditions, in fact, these faults and thresholds whether active or inactive in fact pose a significant risk to the entire city of Los Angeles.”

“But you’re pointing to this one particular area. I just wanted to show fault in your study that yeah, there’s a true threat but it is everywhere in Los Angeles.”

Councilman Englander’s comments demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding of the distinction between building to withstand strong ground motions in an earthquake (all buildings in southern California must account for this to varying degrees) vs. building a structure for human occupancy across the trace of an active fault that may be subject to surface displacements of several meters, which of course cannot be allowed. This project is not something that can be allowed to proceed without a much more thorough review of the potential for active faulting at the site.

The Los Feliz Ledger mentions Englander’s comments and the outcome of that hearing.

“Los Angeles City Councilmember Mitchell Englander said the city had never done a survey of the Hollywood fault line and wasn’t convinced a fault line ran underneath the property. The councilmember countered the earthquake risks facing the project were dangers facing the entire city, a retort Silverstein called “moronic.”

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