Pantages Theater Owner Files an Appeal


One of the appeals filed in response to the Department of City Planning’s 9/14/2020 Letter of Determination approving Millennium’s Vesting Tract Map was filed by Pantages Theater owner, Ned Pan.

Aside from pointing out “the breakneck speed at which the EIR and the Project approvals are being processed by the City, and the sudden and very recent shift from the Project as described in the Draft EIR to Alternative 8”, the appeal emphasizes several important truths:

    • “The Project will add thousands of additional daily trips to the short segment of Argyle Avenue from Hollywood Boulevard to the 101 Freeway, which is already heavily congested during much of the day.”
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Millennium’s Notice of Delinquencies

Following the release of the Final EIR, and speaking of tragi-comic documents, we had to share these with you.

The City sent Hollywood Center Developers Millennium a delinquency invoice for almost $150,000 for unpaid bills.  Another one, recently sent for over $76,000.



So not only is the City breaking the law and enabling an insanely dangerous and illegal project by this disreputable developer, but we the taxpayers are forced to subsidize them.… Read the rest

To ZOOM, Or Not To ZOOM – It’s No Longer A Question


According to City Planner Mindy Nguyen’s 8/13 email to our team, “there is no video Zoom available for public hearings at this time.  Please be advised, however, that the Department of City Planning is transitioning to ZoomWebinar for public hearings beginning in September, which will allow the public to watch the hearings online, similar to the CPC meetings.”Read the rest

Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) – Published Today 9/3/2020


The City announced the Notice of Availability for the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) today.

If the City and Millennium appear to be doing everything they can to push their way through the approval process, it’s because they are, disregarding the public process all along the way.

One reason might be the impending expiration date of former Governor Brown’s certification of Millennium’s phony Environmental Leadership Development Program (ELDP) application.… Read the rest