Developers Worry California Ruling Could Dent Building


Millennium’s concept drawing of their project. Please note the very tiny cars in an exaggerated broad street with no traffic and an empty lot next to Capitol where a 17-story tower is proposed to be built to not obstruct the view. This is one more example of the misrepresentation of the facts that we have to expose.

Dear Friends,

Please see this May 26, 2015 Wall St. Journal article about our Millennium battle.

“If you are doing development within any proximity to a freeway-which includes a great deal of development in Los Angeles-you’re now going to have to consider Caltrans in your process in a greater way than before,” Mr. Fields said.

“In Los Angeles we have a ton of horizontal density but people seem to react more to vertical density,” Mr. LoGrande said. “The horizontal density scares me more.”

These quotes from developer representatives and our City Planning director exemplify a total disconnect from the reality we experience every day as residents trying to live in the Hollywood community.

Yes, we want our local officials to listen to Caltrans when Caltrans says the Millennium project would have made the 101 Freeway impassible, and when Caltrans showed that the City was using doctored traffic counts.

Yes, we are concerned about over-development’s impact on our ability to live in Hollywood. An out of town developer doesn’t care, and why should he? He wants to build and leave town with his profits.

Yes, we want to preserve our environment and not allow it to be further degraded.

Please help us to do so. We are fighting for YOU, but we need your support to finish the fight against the Millennium disaster and to protect our victory going forward.


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