Seismic Experts Explain Earthquake Dangers at KABC – Cal Tech Townhall


According to California’s Alquist Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act, developers cannot build on top of an active fault.   You can build near it, but not across it.

Dr. Tom Heaton, director of Cal Tech’s Civil Engineering program, stated:

“No city has ever seen a magnitude 7.5 quake underneath its skyscrapers.” He doubts any building, even one built to withstand a 7.5 quake, would come through safely.  Jones nodded her head in agreement.

When interviewed this morning on KABC’s “McIntyre in the Morning,” Silverstein said the reason Mayor Eric Garcetti and the City Council continue to risk the lives of thousands of Angelenos is because the Millennium developer has been a top campaign contributor and has spent “more than five million dollars” in lobbying fees to help guarantee that their twin tower project was approved.

In response to McIntyre’s questioning, Silverstein said, “It is sad that we, the public, have to file a lawsuit to try to get the courts to make the City do the responsible thing.”

We at “Stop the Millennium Hollywood” thank you for your participation in getting out our message about Millennium’s safety hazards that have further uncovered new City Hall corruption.

Attorney Silverstein has done amazing things for our effort. He has been able to get our message out, on a shoestring budget, and the more than forty neighborhood associations who are following this issue are now seeing progress. We need not only good-will, but some “skin in the game.” Even $100 from those who are still following this critical issue will help us continue our efforts to put transparency, integrity and accountability back into City Hall. Please donate now to keep the momentum going. No amount is too small (or large).

To hear Robert Silverstein’s KABC interview in full , click here.

Doug McIntyre’s KABC Townhall.


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