Stop The Millennium Group Makes a Difference


Not only has this grassroots coalition interrupted the status quo downtown, launched a great crowd funding campaign, and exposed corruption, it is causing reform on a state-geological level:

All of the new public awareness of the earthquake issue — from the increase in funding to complete the mapping of dangerous surface rupture faults to the focus on hardening Los Angeles’ water supply infrastructure — has been due to Stopthemillennium’s activities.

At the February 2014 meeting of the State Mining & Geology Board, we proposed the following reforms to the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Safety Act:

1)    Give State Geologist subpoena power to get all geotechnical reports performed by a state licensed geologist.
2)    Give State Geologist the right of access to all seismic testing sites.
3)    Give State Geologist power to initiate their own geotechnical studies on public or private property to complete AP mapping.
4)    Increase minimum distance from a surface rupture fault of a habitable building to 150 feet or more.


This growing coalition of tireless volunteers needs your help. Can you help spread the word and get people to go look at the Indiegogo Crowd Funding Site? The more who check it out, the better. You can also go directly to our YouTube Video and don’t forget to “like” it and maybe even leave a comment. All this activity helps to make this campaign successful so the work can continue. We’re not there yet. We need YOU!



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