Consider the Source

MillenniumsiteYou may have read recently that Group Delta released a letter to the State Mining and Geology Board stating that the Hollywood fault does not run under three development projects north of Hollywood and Vine, including Millennium. This is no surprise to us. We expected as much. If you look at the map Group Delta presented, you will see they avoided the southerly trace area where they would have possibly found the fault.

The developer’s first geological report in 2011 made the bold assertion that the Hollywood fault was located .4 miles away from their project site, dismissing the two authoritative academic studies which both concluded that the Hollywood Fault goes across the project site. Then the developer went as far as submitting to the City a falsified version of their 2011 geological report, with an altered map falsely locating the project site relative to the LA Department of Building and Safety’s own Fault Rupture Study Area. This creative approach to geological reporting was the document that ended up in Millennium’s Draft Environmental Report, the report that is intended to give the public and the City an accurate profile of the project’s potential impacts. Based on their record of deception can we expect their new claim to be the truth?

One thing is certain, while they do a celebratory dance for the media, the fact is that no one, including the State Geologist, has seen any raw data or analysis from a licensed geologist. The developer merely sent a letter to the state written by their engineering firm’s executive who is not a licensed geologist.

Millennium is appealing the tentative AP map to the state board using its unsubstantiated “findings.” One of the options, according to an LA Times article, is to recommend removing that portion of the fault from the final map pending the new data, “unless the conclusions indicate a sufficiently active and well-defined fault” at that intersection. Click Here.

We are fighting a developer who is accustomed to spreading lobbying money and campaign contributions around to influence the political process. We truly need your support at this critical time. Will you please help us cover our costs to help insure that the truth shall prevail? Anything will be greatly appreciated. Please go to the Indiegogo site and donate to keep up the fight against corruption in local government. Click here to view the crowd funding campaign and video.

Update, L.A. Times article published today says that one of the State Mining and Geology Board executives said that he didn’t see any evidence of fault presence under the developer’s sites but the head of California Geological Survey, John Parrish said, “the developers’ consultant has not provided the technical data backing its conclusions. He said he was “eager to review the data but will not make any decisions about changing the map until he receives it.”

Parrish added that his scientists were not allowed to make sketches or take photographs and were not allowed to engage in give-and-take with the consultants.

Nice spin, Millennium but it falls short of the real truth about what was and was not found in that trenching effort. There’ are too many questions and John Parrish is standing for accuracy in this mapping process.


No one is fooled while Millennium and their political support system huddle in efforts to put the best spin on what they must know is yet another inaccurate reading of this project’s seismic status. Consider the source.


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