Public Comment Extension Period for MHCP – Denied!

On April 16, 2020, the Department of City Planning dropped the 13,000-page Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR), kicking off the 45 day window for public comments during the COVID-19 pandemic.    Mayor Garcetti had nothing to say when the flood of requests were made by residents to extend the public comment period – during the pandemic.

A reasonable request according to State law but also reasonable enough for Garcetti to request an extension for the 2013 Millennium Project back when he was just a mere City Councilmember of CD13.   Garcetti acknowledges the “proposed project has generated controversy” in the letter he wrote to the Director of City Planning back in 2012:

STMH’s attorney Robert P. Silverstein points this out and much more in three separate letters, topping it off with a 2,597 page letter jam packed with the details showing the reality of this dangerous project.

Mindy Nguyen, the City planner assigned to MHCP, sent out a template response to members of the public who sent in requests for extension stating in part:

“The City has received many requests for an extension of the Hollywood Center Project Draft EIR comment period in light of COVID-19. As has been explained to others, per CEQA Guidelines Section 15105, the public review period for a Draft EIR should not be less than 30 days nor should it be longer than 60 days, except under unusual circumstances. While we agree that these are unprecedented times, as indicated in the Notice of Completion and Availability (NOA) for the Hollywood Center Project Draft EIR, the Draft EIR, the documents referenced in the Draft EIR, and the whole of the case file, are available for public review on our website at the following location:”

Letters were sent to the City on behalf of citizens who did not have the luxury or know how to use computers.   Or citizens without an internet connections.   Letters were sent from citizens who were unable to go to the library to view the public documents due to their closing – due to the pandemic.   What became incredibly clear was how opposition to this project comes in all shapes and sizes.

Once again, the Department of City Planning is strategically leaving out the Hollywood neighborhoods
by not allowing proper access to the DEIR.


There are public hearings coming up for Millennium’s Hollywood Center Project.

Please, continue to make your substantive comments and objections.

All comments received up until the final City Council vote are required to make it into the record.
Every comment counts!

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