Massive Hollywood Project sits atop Quake Fault, California says

We have been sharing with you how far Group Delta, the geologists for Millennium, would go to NOT find the fault that experts said was there. The official map has been released and there indeed is a fault line running the entire span of both sides of the Millennium project site.


We will continue to post media coverage of this breaking news via the “In the Press” and “Audio/Visual” tabs on this website.

The fight is not over. If you haven’t donated, please do so now. The developers are already declaring that they will build and denying the validity of this official map. They don’t like that their project is now officially within the Alquist Priola Study Zone.

There is a huge donate button on the main page. Our legal bills are piling up but it takes the best counsel to fight this giant developer. The Hollywood Community deserves the best and its future depends on the success of this precedent-setting lawsuit. We must win this!

Update: “‘Our conclusion from the data is that there is an active fault, and it does run right along the course that’s right along the map,’ state geologist John Parrish said. ‘We feel very good about it and we feel we can take any challenge to it.'” (From: “Los Angeles Times” <> Subject: Breaking News: Massive Hollywood project would sit atop quake fault, state geologist says Date: November 6, 2014 11:07:31 AM PST)


Check out the 790 KABC Talk Radio interview with Robert Silverstein

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