LA Times Interviews STMH Attorney Robert Silverstein

Morrison-SilvertsteinLA Times writer Patt Morrison profiles our attorney Robert Silverstein in a well conducted interview. It highlights the moral and ethical values that guide Robert in his quest to bring justice and a level playing field to the battle between the citizens and the politicians.

A few highlights from the article:

“In this county, the power to rezone property involves the power to create great wealth, and the effect of
corrupt action by a public official in these matters, in my opinion,is just as reprehensible as taking money from the public treasury.”

“. . .he’s [Garcetti] advocated for irresponsible density when our infrastructure is bursting at the seams, and when he has shown such a disregard for the rule of law.”

“This “sky is falling” argument by developers and lobbyists and the politicians who have abandoned the interests of the public — the sky is not falling. There’s all sorts of successful building going on. The cases that are challenged tend to be the most egregious examples of lawbreaking.”

Check out the full LA Times article here.



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