What’s Wrong With This Picture?

See this April 20, 2021 photo from one of our great supporters. It shows “trenching” on the east parcel of the Hollywood Center site. It looks impressive, right?

Nope. It’s another Millennium/City sham.

We need your voices heard. Please email (see addresses below) objecting to these issues:

1. The California Geological Survey’s scientists apparently get only 1-2 days to observe, not the unfettered access they were supposed to have.

2. The dig is actually a hole in a limited area, not a proper trench. It terminates too short on both ends so that it will not intersect all the fault splays indicated by the U.S. Geological Survey and the California Geological Survey. Hey, City and Millennium: It’s hard to find something when you’re not really looking.

3. This isn’t being done in an open and transparent manner. The City and Millennium have not invited other neutral geological and seismic experts (like from the USGS or County) to view and participate. Keeping it off-limits to all experts is not standard practice in fault investigations.

4. The expert overseeing the dig, Thomas Rockwell, has been retained by developer Millennium Partners. He has already committed in the Hollywood Center EIR to a conclusion that the Hollywood Fault running through the site is “inactive.” How can he be neutral or disinterested?

5. No independent sampling and age dating are being done by the California Geological Survey. This means there will be no parallel and double-blind Carbon-14 dating and other reliable quantitative age dating results. Obtaining such independent testing results is critical. The last time Millennium’s experts did age dating, the dated materials showed the fault was active! But amazingly, Millennium’s expert then claimed its samples were “contaminated,” yet never redid them.

6. Trenching is not being done on the west parcel (west of Vine St.). That’s where the California Geological Survey found an extremely dangerous incline fault. The west parcel is where Millennium now plans to put the tallest skyscraper, and all the so-called “senior housing.” To defer or avoid full trenching of the west parcel is illegal. The west parcel must be properly trenched now, as part of the EIR process, and before any decisions are made by the City or City Council.

Just when we finally hoped for integrity in the process, City Hall delivers another gut punch.

Please join us in demanding that the above be corrected. Send your complaints and objections ASAP to these City of Los Angeles and California Geological Survey officials:

LA Dept. of Building & Safety:

Department of City Planning:

California Geological Survey:

California Natural Resources Agency

CD 13:

CD 4:

Mayor’s Office:


Please consider generously assisting. We need your support.


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