What is Happening with Tomorrow’sCity Planning Commission Hearing?!?




The Department of City Planning posted and distributed their 2nd Revised Agenda for the October 15, 2020 CPC hearing last night due to what appears to be a last minute whim by Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell.

Up until yesterday, we hadn’t heard from Councilmember O’Farrell regarding the Hollywood Center Project. Among a stack of letters submitted for the City Planning Commission to consider, we uncovered a letter dated October 11, 2020 (Sunday) on CD 13 letterhead:

“I am requesting that the City Planning Commission continue the Hollywood Center Project ….to a date uncertain at its October 15th meeting. Additional seismic review should occur before this project advances any further in the entitlement process.”

Recall that when we and countless members of the community asked O’Farrell to request an extension of the comment period in May during the draft EIR phase because of the pandemic and social justice protests, we were met with silence.   Recall O’Farrell didn’t make an appearance or provide a statement to be read at the more than 5-hour August hearing on this controversial project.


O’Farrell’s request was followed by a letter from the developer agreeing to the request. The City can’t be bothered with pleas from residents based on health and safety, but they roll out the red carpet for the sudden appearance of a previously silent Councilmember and multi-billionaire, New York developers Millennium.  What is really going on?

It’s (almost) unclear why the City Planning Commission has allowed for so much confusion that the public doesn’t know what information to rely on. The one thing we can count on is the City’s total disrespect and lack of consideration for the public’s time and efforts by providing vague and belated “updates.”


The project has not been entirely removed from the Agenda

Still listed for discussion is agenda item #7 regarding the Vesting Tentative Tract Map and the appellants that objected to it. It’s unclear if the public will be allowed to participate, but please be prepared to do so. We need to take advantage of every opportunity to voice our objections to any and all parts of this project. Click here for our post on how to participate during the meeting.

There is also still time to submit your comments. The “day of” submissions are limited to 2 pages. Photographs do not count as part of the page count. You can submit your comment to the City Planning Commission here: cpc@lacity.org.  Please make sure to include the project name and/or case numbers so it’s properly included in the record.  Specific guidelines for submitting comments to the CPC can be found on page 1 of the Agenda.


Latest and most up-to-date version (so far):

Click here to view the “2nd Revised” Agenda posted and distributed the night of 10/13/2020

Now obsolete versions:

Click here to view the “Revised” Agenda posted early day 10/13/2020

Click here to view the “Corrected” Agenda posted on 10/8/2020

Click here to view the original Agenda posted on 10/8/2020


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