There’s New, Big Trouble With Millennium’s Infamous San Francisco Tower


NBC News Bay Area investigative reports say attempts to prevent the Millennium Tower San Francisco from sinking and leaning have actually exacerbated the sinking and leaning rates. Work has stopped. Check out the full story here.

Let’s make sure we’re understanding this right. This is the same developer we’re supposed to believe when they say there’s no problem building skyscrapers on a 7.0 earthquake fault in Hollywood?

Only in LA could the reckless “Hollywood Center” development proposal still even be under consideration. FBI, where are you ?

At this point, Millennium’s San Francisco tower may have to be safely demolished. Otherwise there could be an unspeakable catastrophe if left to collapse on its own. Echoes of the Surfside, Florida tragedy abound.

As reported in the above link:

“David Williams, an Oakland-based structural engineering expert who specializes in deep foundations and bridges, called the latest sinking and tilting data ‘disturbing.’ ”

” ‘The trend is the thing that’s very disturbing, the fact that they have reactivated settlement,’ he said, adding his worry is that the problem emerged so soon after crews drilled only halfway down to bedrock.”

Millennium’s San Francisco tower poses a massive threat to everything in its collapse zone, and to all who unfortunately occupy that building.

The same could happen in Hollywood if Millennium Partners’ plans are approved.

Their San Francisco Leaning Tower has been the object of international derision.  Millennium’s newest screw-up will be too, and will provide fodder for a generation of PhD engineering doctoral students.

Hollywood doesn’t want Millennium Partners and their death-trap buildings. They should go back to New York, not back to the drawing board.


Please support us in continuing this critical fight for safety and for our environment.

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