The City Getting Desperate

Closed Session


As our attorney, Robert Silverstein, keeps winning case after case against the City, the City Attorney, stunned by all these losses, is appealing to the City Council to call in reinforcements – your tax dollars, once again, at work against YOU!

The request is going before the Budget and Finance Committee today and then to the City Council on Wednesday.

Monday, November 3, 2014   2:00PM
COUNCIL:  Budget & Finance Committee Meeting

Wednesday, November 5, 2014  10:00AM
COUNCIL:Los Angeles City Council Agenda

While a determination by the State Geologist that the Hollywood Fault crosses the Millennium Project site would devastate the Millennium Hollywood project, we are not relying solely on that to win the case. There are a multitude of other challenges in our lawsuit and the W Hotel’s lawsuit.

Our attorney Robert Silverstein has won all of the recent lawsuits against the City:

(1) Hollywood-Gower

(2) Hollywood Community Plan

(3) Target

(4) Sunset-Gordon Old Spaghetti Factory.

None of those depended on the presence of an earthquake fault.

Obviously, the City does not think the fight is anywhere close to over. Neither should we. The fight is only going to become more intense. Thus, we must continue to provide the financial resources to help support our winning attorney. Please help the victories to keep on coming. Donate now to help protect our quality of life and have the courts tell the City it must follow the law.

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