Taxpayers On the Hook For $30 Million to Shore Up the Sinking Millennium Tower

You may have heard us mention Millennium’s Leaning Tower of San Francisco; the tallest residential high rise on the West Coast when it opened in 2009 consisting of 419-unit luxury condominiums. What you may have not heard, until today is:

the $ 30 million dollars in TAX PAYER MONEY it is costing to fix!!


Before coming to our town, Hollywood Center project New York developers Millennium Partners, erected its San Francisco project on an improperly designed and constructed foundation system, then looked the other way as the building was further besieged by additional construction defects and negligent construction practices. At the building’s top, where a penthouse unit sold for $9.8 million, the tower leans by more than 14 inches. The building has sunk more than 17 inches since its construction.

In one of 9 complaints filed by the tenants that formed an HOA and more than 400 individual parties, we learn about a most devastating tale of how residents suffered as a result of Millennium’s practices of hidden transactions, shutting out the public and keeping documents confidential. Sound familiar?

In 2016 San Francisco’s City Attorney formally subpoenaed Millennium Partners to determine whether the developer violated state law by not disclosing the Millennium Tower’s known “structural sinking issues” to buyers.

City documents show that the developer knew about excessive settling before sales of condos even started.


Here are a few more highlights included in the complaint against Millennium:


    • “problems were compounded by the active concealment by Millennium Partners and its employees”
    • “factors, including inadequate garage construction and waterproofing, defective windows, curtain wall corrosion and water intrusion, inter-unit odor transmission, cracks, and alignment issues, have also taken a toll on the livability of the Millennium Tower.”
    • “Millennium Partners instead points the finger at others, despite sitting on the data for years and never seeking to stop the dewatering when it would have made a difference.”

Millennium and the City pulled similar tricks in Hollywood in 2013. We fought them and won. But they’re trying again, and LA City Hall has proven more than willing to go along for the ride, if not steer the ship. We already know objective third party experts, including the State, are issuing dire warnings about the Hollywood Center proposal.

Do you want your tax dollars to be spent on cleaning up the mess made by billionaire developers and corrupt City officials ?


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