Seismological Society of America Tours Hollywood Fault

The Seismological Society of America just last Thursday, April 23, concluded its annual meeting in Pasadena. On Friday, April 24, USC geology professor Dr. James Dolan led a field trip of the Hollywood Fault for the attendees.

cahuenga cross-section

North-south section along Cahuenga Blvd. showing subsurface interpretation of faults based on studies for Los Angeles subway (Crook and Proctor, 1992).

Here is the field trip guide:

Note the drawing on page 7 — 130 meters of left-lateral displacement of the Hollywood Fault at Los Feliz Blvd and Fern Dell Dr.

fern dell drainage

The south-flowing drainage at Fern Dell Drive appears to have been offset at least 130 meters in a left-lateral sense (locality marked S4e in this figure) with a younger fan starting to develop where Fern Dell crosses Los Feliz. (Figure modified from Figure 14 of Hernandez & Treiman, 2014)

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