Recall Election & Millennium Hollywood Scandal


While we have all been focused on the phony hole (see our last post) that developer Millennium Partners has dug on the site east of Capitol Records, our foes have been digging a different hole into our rights. That one was more out of sight.

A few days ago the State Assembly approved Senate Bill 7. SB 7 is a stealth law backed by Millennium to directly benefit their Hollywood Center project and prejudice the public’s rights.

If Governor Newsom does not veto SB 7, it will become law, making it harder (but not impossible) to sue Millennium and LA City Hall over their expected next approvals.

Our attorneys spoke at two State Assembly hearings against SB 7, but to no avail. Everything now rests with Governor Newsom.

See our attorney Robert Silverstein’s letter to Governor Newsom stating that if he does not veto SB 7, then Hollywood and Los Angeles voters will be further galvanized to recall Newsom.


This battle is being waged on multiple fronts. We are a small army. We need your support.

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