City Council Contracts for Outside Law Firms to Fight Citizens’ Complaints of Government Abuse

GrinchXmasDear Supporter,

On Tuesday, December 16, 2014, the City Council gave the citizens of Los Angeles a Grinchmas present. They approved the City Attorney’s request to line up a panel of outside developer law firms to defend the City Council in land use, CEQA and Brown Act (open gov’t law) challenges brought by concerned citizens.

Of course, an army of private law firms would not be needed if only the City Planning Dept. and City Council would obey the laws as they are clearly stated in the statutes.

However, we will now be faced with the additional challenge in our Millennium lawsuit of having to fight additional opponents at the same time that our former ally, the W Hotel, has left the fight.

The City has learned nothing from the string of defeats they have suffered in Hollywood. Rather than contrition, they have responded with additional defiance. That is why your support is even more needed now than when we originally began this fight for fairness and openness in the administration of municipal government.

When we started there were three challengers to the Millennium Project. Now, there is only one – us. When we started there was only the City Attorney and the Millennium Partners legal team. Now, there will be the City Attorney plus two legal teams to fight against us, the citizens of Hollywood.

Please help us sustain and win our David vs. Goliath fight to protect a Hollywood that we love and want to preserve for ourselves and our children.  Please consider making a tax deductible, year-end contribution now.  Thank you!

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