Millennium Exposed

NEW M RenderingAs the legal challenge launched against the Millennium Hollywood continues, the media is being relentless in exposing the soft underbelly of City Government.

Here are the most recent publications:

The Wall Street Journal Sept 20, 2013 – Fault Line Splits Hollywood

LA Weekly Sept 18, 2013 – How the Hollywood Fault Made Millennium’s Future Uncertain, and L.A. a Laughingstock

LA Times Sept 18, 2013 – Millennium Hollywood Tower opponents file ethics complaint

Several supporters have donated $5,000 each to help strengthen the community’s legal fight. Will you – can you match their generosity? Can you donate even half that? Let’s see how strong Hollywood can be! It’s time to cause a shift in the power base from the developers and politicians back to the people who live, work, play and worship in Hollywood.

Watch this brief interview with Raymond Chan, Interim head of Building and Safety, charged with overseeing the geology of the Millennium Project:

While most of the attention regarding the Millennium Hollywood real estate development has been focused on the proximity to the Hollywood Fault, our real issue is traffic.

If this deal goes through, Hollywood and Vine will turn into Gridlock City, impacting the streets for miles around. Just imagine what happens when the Hollywood Bowl is being used. And Hollywood and Vine will be worse than Hollywood and Highland, choking off our access to the Valley. Of course, some wise guys will say who would want to go to the Valley.

The City Council approved this development without considering the State’s comments about the Hollywood Fault.

The City also ignored Caltrans strongly worded letters about the impact on traffic and the 101 Freeway.

The City Council brushed off the blatant conflict of interest involving City Planning Commission President Bill Roschen, who, oh by the way, was employed by Millennium.

And now we have allegations that the interim head of Department of Building and Safety, Raymond Chan, may also have a conflict of interest.

And then there is the issue of Millennium Hollywood spreading over $4 million around town, including some very generous campaign contributions to Mitch O’Farrell and Eric Garcetti.

This is a very dirty deal. But more information will be discovered as there are two lawsuits by very competent lawyers challenging this development, the EIR, and the process by which it was approved.

Please donate today and help us fight this David v Goliath battle!


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