LA Times – Millennium Planned for Active Earthquake Fault-State Weighs in

Evidence of quake faults near Hollywood Millennium siteQuote-John Parrish


With the State standing firm on their assessment of the likely seismic status under the entire Millennium Hollywood project, L.A. Times writers Rong-Gong Lin II, Rosanna Xia and Doug Smith interview powerful resources and accurately outline the issue.

The article says that the Millennium project has prompted the state to accelerate its study, and it hopes to have results by early 2014. That may be too late! The city and the developers seem eager to get going on this project. The rationale given by the City to go forward with the approval at the hearing on July 24, 2013 was the deadline of July 31, 2013. If the project had not gained approval by that date, developers would have had to go back to the Planning and Land Use Management Commission to gain approval once again. “What’s the rush?” asked environmental attorney Robert Silverstein in his presentation before the City Council on July 24, 2013.

It would be generously optimistic to imagine that the State would sue to place a hold on this project pending seismic studies. It is for this reason that community leaders are contemplating legal action to force the City to address ALL concerns that this project raises. The question is this — will the communities that will be impacted the greatest reach deeply within their base residents to gather funds for such a valiant fight?

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Where’s the Hollywood Fault – Interactive Map

Individuals and communities are invited to donate funds now for that purpose (see donate button on the right). The future of Hollywood may be in the laps of these dedicated Hollywood neighbors.



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