In the Wake of the Florida Condo Collapse


Our heartfelt condolences go out to all touched by the tragic condo tower collapse in Florida.

As one of the Florida survivors said: “A lot of people knew there were problems in that building. This is a disaster that somebody could have stopped before it happened”.
“The condo building that collapsed also showed an unusual amount of sinkage”, according to this Wall Street Journal article.

That sounds similar to the sinking San Francisco Millennium tower, built by Millennium Partners, the Hollywood Center’s developer.

Why would LA officials let Millennium Partners build skyscrapers in Hollywood on a documented earthquake fault?  Why would LA officials take on that financial, and possibly criminal, liability?

Results from the recent dig at the Hollywood Center east parcel haven’t been made public yet. But we note the following:

1. The person in charge was a Millennium paid consultant, not a neutral, impartial expert.

2. The California Geological Survey’s scientists were limited in the access and time they were allowed in the trench.

3. Independent seismic/geologic experts who offered to provide peer review analysis of the trenching and materials collection were denied access.

4. The west parcel, underlain by a highly dangerous “incline fault” as identified by the California Geological Survey, was not trenched at all.

As our attorney Robert Silverstein told the Los Angeles Times, “If the city and Millennium have nothing to hide, then they must trench both sites.”  “When there is finally the chance to get to truth and safety, the city is still refusing . . . .”

Please make your voices heard.  Please continue emailing objections to the City.

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