Hollywood Heritage Helps Expose Hollywood Center Project Lies


If you live in or around Hollywood and don’t know about Hollywood Heritage and their work, checking them out is a must!

  For nearly forty years, Hollywood Heritage has spearheaded the preservation, restoration and maintenance of early Hollywood treasures.  Their museum is home to archival photographs from the silent era of motion pictures, old Hollywood movie props, historic documents, historic photographs and postcards of the streets, buildings and residences of Hollywood during its golden age.  Suffice it to say, they have a keen interest in Hollywood’s future.

Hollywood Heritage submitted one of the most valuable letters written last year to the City that details why Millennium’s proposal is riddled with much more than just seismic problems.  To name a few:

Damage to The Pantages..
Unanswered questions about the future of Capitol Records Building..
Lies about greenhouse gas emissions and no monitoring..
Missing shade and shadow studies..
Earns ELDP (“environmental leadership”) when it makes NO attempt to reduce or minimize GHG in the buildings’ design..
The City also had no Mitigation Measure to enforce Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)..

An EXTREME project that got sugar coated by a shifty developer on every measure.
Same developer of the leaning and tilting San Francisco Tower development catastrophe.
Add to this that of the over 12,000 units approved in the last 4 years in Hollywood, many are sitting vacant.

CLICK HERE to read the Hollywood Heritage letter to learn a lot more about just how low Millennium and the City have gone to try and gain approval to this dangerous disaster.


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