Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) – Published Today 9/3/2020


The City announced the Notice of Availability for the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) today.

If the City and Millennium appear to be doing everything they can to push their way through the approval process, it’s because they are, disregarding the public process all along the way.

One reason might be the impending expiration date of former Governor Brown’s certification of Millennium’s phony Environmental Leadership Development Program (ELDP) application.

Why is City Planning going along with this mad dash to project approval? It seems like this project is the only one that has been completely unaffected by the pandemic the world is dealing with. And it’s reassuring to know that while City workers are being furloughed, somehow the Hollywood Center project gets unrelenting attention from City employees who are ramrodding it through over the objections of the public and other governmental agencies, like the California Geological Survey.


Stay tuned for more and please consider contributing to the fight.  We are all in this together.


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