Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council Rescinds Support for Millennium Project

chnc logoThe Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council, at the November 24, 2014 meeting, rescinded its support for the Millennium Project and voted 7-0 to join the three other Hollywood area neighborhood councils in opposing the project.

Foremost in the decision were the seismic safety and traffic issues.

Community stakeholder George Abrahams presented the issue to the full CHNC board. He explained that the Hollywood Fault was determined by the State Geologist to cross both the east and west project sites. He said that the fault is especially dangerous because it has been reported in the scientific literature to have broken “conservatively” with magnitude 7.0 and is part of the Transverse Range extending from San Bernardino to Malibu where the tectonic motion is at a sharp angle to the direction of the fault plane and where great strain and stored energy is accumulated before it overcomes the resistance along the fault plane. The displacement in the second most recent quake was recorded to be 4 feet vertical and 12 feet horizontal.

He recited from the Metro Red Line EIR/EIS which said that there is a 5% chance of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake along the Santa Monica-Hollywood Fault in the next 100 years. He asked the stakeholders and the board if they would get on a plane with a 5% chance of crashing or eating a meal with a 5% chance of getting food poisoning. That is what 5% means when your life is a stake.

He mentioned all the duplicitous and illegal acts the Millennium proponents did in order to conceal the severity of the threat:

• An altered version of the initial seismic study with a falsified map was include in the Draft EIR for the project rather than the real map which showed that the project site was within the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) Fault Rupture Study Area.
• The State Geologist said that he was restricted in his access to and later barred from the trenching investigation site and could not take photos, soil samples or speak with the engineers doing the investigation.
• The LADBS Grading Division approved the inadequate geotechnical study 3 days after the son of LADBS General Manager Raymond Chan was hired by the lobbying firm working for Millennium.

Millennium Partners was so concerned about losing the last tissue of legitimacy that spokesperson Laurie Goldman (a former CHNC board member and vice-president who brought the initial motion of support to the board) attempted to thwart the reversal of policy by claiming in an email that reconsideration of the issue could only be done by a board member who had previously voted in favor of the original motion. Neighborhood Empowerment attorneys told the CHNC board that they could take a new policy position and were not bound by the decisions of the previous board.

The traffic problems caused by the many huge developments in Hollywood were also considered. George Abrahams explained that Hollywood is in the center of the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area and they would hamper traffic flow for everyone who had to go through Hollywood to reach their destination. Two of the freeways originally planned for Hollywood were never built and Hollywood’s streets presently serve as those two freeways.

Other issues were the lack of specificity of project design and the illegal granting of entitlements which attempt to overrule the City Charter and the Municipal Code.

All of the stakeholders present at the meeting who spoke, voiced their support for the motion to rescind the previous CHNC board’s motion of support and to join the other three Hollywood area neighborhood councils in their opposition to the Millennium Project.

Opposition to the Millennium Project among neighborhood councils in Hollywood is now unanimous.

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