What’s Wrong With This Picture?

See this April 20, 2021 photo from one of our great supporters. It shows “trenching” on the east parcel of the Hollywood Center site. It looks impressive, right?

Nope. It’s another Millennium/City sham.

We need your voices heard. Please email (see addresses below) objecting to these issues:

1. The California Geological Survey’s scientists apparently get only 1-2 days to observe, not the unfettered access they were supposed to have.… Read the rest

LA Times Article: A lurking Earthquake Fault Has Blocked Hollywood’s Tallest Building….

Please see this article from the front page of the Sunday, April 25, 2021 print edition of the LA Times California section. Our attorney, Robert Silverstein, is quoted on page 1 about City Hall’s refusal to protect the public.

Keep the pressure on City Hall. Please send in comments today demanding full trenching of the Hollywood Center west site, and neutral, independent experts to oversee all work.Read the rest

Millennium Is Trenching Right Now!

The above photo captures what a Los Angeles resident was met with when she saw what was going on at the Millennium project site and stopped to take some pics.


Reports are coming in from our supporters about the Hollywood Center site being fenced.   Bulldozers and excavators are at work now, apparently on a new earthquake fault trench as seen in the above and below photos.… Read the rest

Mayor Garcetti Allows Corruption To Flourish At LA City Hall

That is a fact.

His former Deputy Mayor and General Manager of LA Dept. of Building & Safety, Raymond Chan, is the latest example. Chan just fell in the FBI’s ongoing pay-to-play investigation of City officials.

How does this relate to Millennium’s Hollywood Center scandal?

Click on the CityWatch logo to check out this phenomenal article written by our attorney, Robert P.… Read the rest

Raymond Chan, Former LA Building & Safety Head, Charged in Indictment

“The scope of corruption outlined in this indictment is staggering,” said U.S. Attorney Nick Hanna. “As the indictment alleges, Huizar, Chan and their network of associates repeatedly violated the public trust by soliciting and accepting numerous cash bribes and other financial benefits, turning Huizar’s City Council seat into a money-making criminal enterprise.”
Read the rest

Public Comment of the Week – 10/26/2020


The Public Comments section of the Administrative Record is jam packed with letters from us, from you, from everyday citizens who live in the city, demanding that this insanely dangerous and illegal project by Millennium, be shut down for good.

Keep a look out each week as we share some of the comments that stood out to us most.… Read the rest